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A file descriptor is an unsigned integer used by a process to identify an open file.

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The only file descriptors that should remain open when your program starts are the stdin, stdout, and stderr descriptors.

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One or more of the file descriptor sets specified a file descriptor that is not a valid open file descriptor or specified a file.

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It seems that my system's select call has a limitation of 1024 open file descriptors.

File descriptors are often used in conjunction with file input and output.

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Looked at pipe() and popen(), but as they being from C they work with file descriptors or FILE pointers.

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File descriptors are an index into a file descriptor table stored by the kernel.The kernel creates a file descriptor in response to an open call and associates the file descriptor with some abstraction of an underlying file-like object, be that an actual hardware device, or a file system or something else entirely.However it is not that clear for many people what file descriptors essentially.

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You can open a file descriptor as non-blocking by adding a flag to the open(),.

In the traditional implementation of Unix, file descriptors index into a per-process file descriptor table maintained by the kernel, that in turn indexes into a.

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Hi I have read Here that lsof is not an accurate way of getting the number of File Descriptors that are currently open.

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